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【玩转课本】【Mastering SJK(C) BC】Fun BC



【Fun BC 】 is designed to assist SJK(C) Standard 1- 3 students in mastering Bahasa Cina. It is a revision course for students as it contains a variety of advanced logical exercises to help students in developing and strengthening their critical thinking skills.


【玩转课本】系列是30网校最新推出的课程之一,帮助华小生更好地掌握华文。课程内容依据教育部KSSR Semakan华文课本,单元一至单元五的内容而编写的。




课程内容符合最新KSSR Semakan纲要,根据课文编写,让孩子延续学校的学习。同时提供各种高思维习题,训练和提升孩子的思考能力。





【Fun BC 】is the latest course introduced by 30 EdTech to assist Chinese Primary School students in mastering the Chinese subject.

The materials are organized according to the materials from Unit 1-5 of the SJK(C) Bahasa Cina textbook that is used by the KSSR Semakan curriculum.

Overview of the course material:

Composed according to SJK(C) Bahasa Cina textbook

The course content is in tune with the most recent KSSR Semakan curriculum. It is also written in accordance with the SJK(C) BC textbook syllabus while offering a series of exercises and tasks. Simultaneously, the course consists of a variety of tasks to stimulate and improve the child’s thinking skills.

Exams aren’t the only reason to study.

Studying is not limited to exam preparation only. Our exercises are made not just to help students achieve better results on examinations, but also to help them learn and grow as individuals.

Professional human voices reciting passages.

In order to help students to gain better understanding of the topics presented in textbooks, we have added two new essays to each unit. We have included an audio recording done by a professional voice artist (not computer- generated) to ensure students are able to learn the proper pronunciation.

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【玩转课本】【Mastering SJK(C) BC】Fun BC
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