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【华小写作4-6年级】小作家课程【SJK(C) Chinese Essay Writing Course】Little Writer




Simple and effective writing techniques for achieving and acing assessments with confidence.

This course takes a practical approach to writing, covering all aspects from how to rapidly develop the skills to form an essay outline and key points, until to be able to score well in Section C of the SJK(C) BC Exam Paper 2, and not just that, students will be able to put these skills to good use as soon as they have learned them!



  • 作文写得很长,但分数还是很低?
  • 不明白题目要求的是什么?
  • 看着作文题目,不知道如何下手?






Standard 4 to 6 students no longer need to worry with our latest SJK(C) Bahasa Cina essay writing course.

  • Receiving undesirable grades for your lengthy essays?
  • Unsure of the requirement for any essay topics?
  • No idea how to begin writing your essay?

Don’t worry! In this course, students will learn how to begin the process of writing an essay by constructing an outline while identifying the key points. They will also learn ways to expand important points into sentences and paragraphs. With consistent practice, students will achieve a significant improvement in their writing abilities in the shortest period of time.

Our simple and straightforward video lessons contain explanations and demonstrations on ways to write and apply our strategic techniques in Section A,B and C of the SJK(C) Exam Paper 2.

Other than the ability to stream the videos at anytime, students also have the option to download the accompanying notes.

This course is not just for students, but is also suitable for teachers and tutors as well. Reap twice as much in academic success for half the effort while witnessing the tremendous improvements in students’ writing!

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【华小写作4-6年级】小作家课程【SJK(C) Chinese Essay Writing Course】Little Writer