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【500题数学基础练习】二年级 (免费)【FREE 500 Maths Questions】 Standard 2



✅ 华小二年级数学练习
✅ 根据课本内容,符合KSSR Semakan课程
✅ PDF下载
✅ 免费

A free, downloadable Mathematics exercise with 500 questions is available to everybody. No payment required!

✅ SJKC Standard 2 Math exercises
✅ Content according to Standard 2 textbook and KSSR Semakan syllabus
✅ PDF file
✅ Free to sign up and download




✅ 适合二年级想提升数学运算能力的学生
✅ 习题覆盖多个单元知识点
✅ 强化学生数学知识点和作答技巧




🔸 1 000以内的整数
🔸 基本运算
🔸 分数
🔸 钱币
🔸 时间与时刻



📄【500题数学基础练习】二年级 Set 1

📄【500题数学基础练习】二年级 Set 2
📄【500题数学基础练习】二年级 Set 3



【FREE 500 Maths Questions】 Standard 2

Want your child to engage in some Mathematics practice? No problem! 30 EdTech offers free, customized 【500 Maths Questions】papers for SJK(C) Standard 2 students.

✅ Suitable for SJK(C) Standard 2 students who need to enhance their mathematical skills.
✅ Exercises included multiple topics.
✅ Enhance students’ mathematical understanding and problem-solving abilities.

Students who practise what they have learned and worked through all the Mathematics exercises will be well-prepared to tackle any maths problem they encounter.


【500 Maths Questions】 Standard 2 topics:

🔸 Numbers up to 1 000
🔸 Basic operations
🔸 Fractions
🔸 Money
🔸 Time


3 sets of【500 Maths Questions】Standard 2:

【FREE 500 Maths Questions】 Standard 2
❣️Free of charge
❣️PDF format
❣️Complete answer provided
❣️Contains advertisements and watermarks
📄【500 Maths Questions】Standard 2 Set 1

【500 Maths Questions】Standard 2
❣️PDF format
❣️Complete answer provided
❣️Doesn’t contain advertisements and watermarks
📄【500 Maths Questions Exercise】 Standard 2 Set 2
📄【500 Maths Questions】 Standard 2 Set 3

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【500题数学基础练习】二年级 (免费)【FREE 500 Maths Questions】 Standard 2