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【华小题库】六年级 (免费版)【FREE SJK(C) Questions Bank】 Standard 6





Students should start picking up the pace as they are heading towards middle high school soon!

Why not give【FREE SJK(C) Questions Bank】 Standard 6 a try since it’s free of charge.










  • 综合了5个主要科目的习题(5 in 1)
  • 习题数量有限
  • 各科目都提供一份练习




  • 一共有5个科目的练习册作为选择(华语,英语,国语,数学和科学)
  • 可单一购买所要复习的科目
  • 习题定期增加和更新
  • 可帮助学生巩固各科目基础
  • 由专业教师出题


【华小题库】六年级 内容:
  • 题目内容覆盖所有单元知识点
  • 为各科目课文单元量身定做的练习题
  • 2份原创考卷:年中评审&年终评审
  • 包含多份华小的历年考卷,让孩子掌握考试题型


【华小题库】六年级 形式:


1. 电子题目(e-question)
–  登录系统作答,方便又有效

2. PDF文件
– 直接下载打印,不伤眼力
– 下载后可永久保存




【SJK(C) Questions Bank】 Standard 6 is an essential tool for students to use as revision resources to pave the path to academic success.

【SJK(C) Questions Bank】has finally been launched by 30EdTech after a significant amount of effort spent in research and development as well as preparation. It provides students with a vast amount of practice questions, past year papers, and mock test papers!


There are 2 versions of【SJK(C) Questions Bank】Standard 6 ——Free version & Paid version.


【SJK(C) Questions Bank】 Standard 6 (FREE Version)

30 EdTech has launched【FREE SJK(C) Questions Bank】for parents who want their child to master each subject effortlessly! You can try out 【SJK(C) Questions Bank】first to determine if it’s suitable for your child. If you are interested in getting more exercises, you can purchase the paid version【SJK(C) Questions Bank】which contains more exercises that are comprehensive and advanced.

【FREE SJK(C) Questions Bank】 Standard 6 contents:

  • 5 main subjects exercises ( 5 in 1)
  • Free version contains fewer exercises than the paid version.
  • One exercise per subject.


【SJK(C) Questions Bank】 Standard 6 (PAID Version)

【SJK(C) Questions Bank】contains several past year papers and composed exam papers! Even each unit has its own unique practice questions, which students are able to firmly grasp the knowledge points.

  • Consists of 5 subject of exercises ( Bahasa Cina, Bahasa English, Bahasa Melayu, Mathematics and Science)
  • You are allowed to purchase a single subject
  • Exercises will be added and revised regularly
  • To help students to establish a firm foundation in all subjects
  • The questions are created by experienced school teachers


【SJK(C) Questions Bank】Standard 6 contents:
  • Exercises are created according to the unit points of each topic
  • Two sets of school teachers composed exam papers: Mid-year and Year-end examinations
  • Contains several Chinese Primary schools’ past year test papers which will enable students to be proficient in the examination questions


【SJK(C) Questions Bank】 Standard 6 format:

The content of【SJK(C) Questions Bank】is available in 2 formats: E-questions & PDF.

1. E-question
– Log in to the system to answer the questions, it’s convenient and efficient

2. PDF format
– Download and print it out
– The file can be permanently stored after download


Purchase the paid version immediately to access additional high-quality exercises!
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【华小题库】六年级 (免费版)【FREE SJK(C) Questions Bank】 Standard 6
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