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【500题数学基础练习】三年级【500 Maths Questions】 Standard 3



✅ 华小三年级各单元数学练习
✅ 根据课本内容,符合KSSR Semakan课程
✅ 无广告,无水印,排版精美
✅ Set 2 共82页,Set 3 共83页
✅ 直接PDF下载
✅ 多次打印给其他孩子或学生使用

There are 2 sets of 【500 Maths Questions】SJKC Standard 3 papers (with different questions) available for purchase. Please select the set of exercises that you want to purchase.

✅ SJKC Standard 3 Math exercises
✅ Content according to Standard 3 textbook and KSSR Semakan syllabus
✅ No advertisement, no watermark
✅ Total 82 pages for Set 2 and 83 pages for Set 3
✅ Direct download PDF file
✅ Multiple printout for other children or students




✅ 有两套练习题,覆盖各个单元知识点
✅ 适合用于三年级学生全面复习
✅ 帮助学生强化数学知识和技巧
✅ 能够让学生透过题目重复和复习知识点,温故而知新
✅ 让学生掌握一万以内整数的运算能力
✅ 学生能够掌握分数、钱币和时间之间的换算,运用自如
✅ 有一定的练习题数量能让学生熟悉题型,更容易捉摸数学知识点


🔸 10 000以内的整数
🔸 基本运算
🔸 分数和百分数
🔸 钱币
🔸 时间与时刻





练习是复印版本还是软件格式?PDF还是MS Word?



【500 Maths Questions】 Standard 3

If you want your child to achieve consistent success in Mathematics, they can become more proficient by consistently practising.

✅ There are two sets of exercises, covering the unit points of each topic.
✅ Suitable as an intensive revision for SJK(C) Standard 3 students.
✅ Help students to enhance their mathematical knowledge and skills.
✅ Allows students to review past lessons and revision of unit points by repetition questions.
✅ Assist students to master numbers up to 10 000.
✅ Students are able to master the fractions, money and time concepts faster.
✅ A set of exercise questions to allow students to familiarize with the questions types so that students are able to grasp the Mathematics unit points easily.

【500 Maths Questions】 Standard 3 topics:

🔸 Numbers up to 10 000
🔸 Basic operations
🔸 Fractions & Percentages
🔸 Money
🔸 Time


Frequently Asked Questions

Does the exercise provide answers?
【500 Maths Questions】papers will include complete answers for reference (answers will be attached in the last section).

Are there advertisements and watermarks in the exercise?
Please be assured that there will be no advertisements or watermarks in【500 Maths Questions】papers.

Are the papers available in hard or soft copy? PDF or Ms Word?
【500 Maths Questions】papers are in PDF format, we will provide the link for you to download the papers.

How soon after payment can the papers be downloaded? How can I download it? Are the papers emailed to me?
After completing payment, a link will be sent to you to download the papers.
You may also check your mailbox (Inbox/Spam/Junk) for the link, which will be sent automatically through email.

Is there any download limit? How many times can I download? How many times can I download?
You may download your purchase【500 Maths Questions】papers with no limit for a year.

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Set 2, Set 3


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【500题数学基础练习】三年级【500 Maths Questions】 Standard 3
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