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【精装考卷】三年级 【SJK(C) Past Year Papers】 Standard 3




1. Set 1(2018年10月份考卷)
2. Set 2(2018年10月份考卷)
3. Set 3(2020年9月份考卷)*

* 根据KSSR Semakan

注:在 “考卷分类” 栏可以查看考卷的详情

A set of【SJK(C) Past Year Papers】consist of 5 main subjects, provided with detailed answers for references, which also includes essay answers.

Gentle Reminder: The above pricing is just for a set of exercises!

【SJK(C) Past Year Papers】Standard 3 classification:
1. Set 1(October,2018 exam paper)
2. Set 2(October,2018 exam paper)
3. Set 3(September,2020 exam paper)*

* According to KSSR Semakan syllabus

Note: You can view the details of the test papers in the “Exam Paper Classification” column.




  • 三年级共有三套精装试卷让孩子进行复习。
  • 每套考卷含有华文、国文、英文、数学和科学五个科目的历年考题。
  • 每套考卷提供标准答案,其中包括写作范文。
  • 标准答案由有多年教学经验的专业教师所提供
  • 任何水印和广告




非常抱歉,您无法选择购买指定科目的考卷。【精装考卷】是以5个主要科目为一套,每一套考卷是根据年份和月份来分类的。您只能选择 “套(Set)” 来购买考卷。

考卷是复印版本还是软件格式?PDF还是MS Word?



【SJK(C) Past Year Papers】 Standard 3

Standard 3 【SJK(C) Past Year Papers】 are diligently arranged, meticulously organized and digitally produced by 30 EdTech, and it contains different years of Chinese Primary past year papers.

  • There are 3 sets of 【SJK(C) Past Year Papers】Standard 3 for students to use for revision.
  • Each set of past year papers consist of 5 main subjects – Bahasa Cina, Bahasa English, Bahasa Melayu, Mathematics, and Science.
  • Each set of the papers includes answers done by experienced teachers for reference,,which also includes essay answers.
  • Doesn’tcontainadvertisements and watermarks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it provide answers?
【SJK(C) Past Year Papers】provide detailed answers for reference, which also includes the essay answers.

Which subjects are included in the paper? Is every subject included? Are there other (minor) subjects?
【SJK(C) Past Year Papers】consist of 5 main (major) subjects (Bahasa Cina, Bahasa English, Bahasa Melayu, Mathematics, and Science). Only some standards of 【SJK(C) Past Year Papers】consist of the other (minor) subjects papers, but there won’t be many of them.

Can I purchase the papers for a particular subject?
We are sorry that you are unable to purchase the papers for a particular subject. It comes in a set of 5 subjects, and each set of exam papers is classified according to the year and month. You can only purchase them in a set.

Are the papers available in hard or soft copy? PDF or Ms Word?
【SJK(C) Past Year Papers】are in PDF format, we will provide the link for you to download the papers.

How soon after payment can the papers be downloaded? How can I download it? Are the papers emailed to me?
After completing the payment, a link will be sent to you to download the papers.
You may also check your mailbox (Inbox/Spam/Junk) for the link, which will be sent automatically through email.

Is there any download limit? How many times can I download?
You may download your purchase【SJK(C) Past Year Papers】with no limit for a year.

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Set 1, Set 2, Set 3

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【精装考卷】三年级 【SJK(C) Past Year Papers】 Standard 3
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