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【华小题库】五年级 (免费版)【FREE SJK(C) Questions Bank】 Standard 5

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  1. 专为2024年6月/7月校内考试而准备的:五年级【第一次评估考卷】
  2. 从2023年起,最新UASA格式的学校历年考卷:五年级【UASA华小考卷】

Grades are dropping drastically? 【SJK(C) Questions Bank】is the best solution!

Why not give【FREE SJK(C) Questions Bank】 Standard 5 a try!

Need the latest papers?

  1. Prepared specifically for SJKC Exam in Jun/July 2024: “First Assessment Exam Paper” for Standard 5 
  2. Latest SJKC past year papers from 2023, all in UASA format: “UASA Exam Paper” for Standard 5







  • 5个主要科目的综合练习题(5 in 1)
  • 数量有限的练习题
  • 各科目提供一份免费练习



  • 提供5个科目的练习册(华语,英语,国语,数学和科学)
  • 科目可单一购买
  • 习题会有规划性增加和更新
  • 多样化习题可确保学生掌握各科目知识点
  • 符合KSSR Semakan题型要求
【华小题库】五年级 内容:
  • 根据课本单元知识点编写
  • 2份原创考卷:年中评审&年终评审
  • 提供多份华小历年考卷进行全面复习


【华小题库】五年级 形式:


1. 电子题目(e-question)
–  登录系统作答,方便又有效

2. PDF文件
– 直接下载打印,不伤眼力
– 下载后可永久保存


The contents of【SJK(C) Questions Bank】 are based on the latest SJK(C) syllabus. 【SJK(C) Questions Bank】provides students with a vast amount of practice questions, past year papers, and mock test papers. It allows students comprehensively review the syllabus topics, and they will be able to tackle any questions they encounter!


There are 2 versions of【SJK(C) Questions Bank】Standard 5——Free version & Paid version.


【SJK(C) Questions Bank】 Standard 5 (FREE Version)

Everyone is welcome to join this course for free and get ahead start on this new product!

【FREE SJK(C) Questions Bank】 Standard 5 contents:

  • 5 main subjects exercises (5 in 1)
  • Free version contains fewer exercises than the paid version.
  • One exercise per subject.


【SJK(C) Questions Bank】 Standard 5 (PAID Version)

【SJK(C) Questions Bank】is the latest e-Questions Bank launched by 30 EdTech. It has incorporated interesting topics and exercises that cover the unit points of each topic.

  • Consists of 5 subject of exercises (Bahasa Cina, Bahasa English, Bahasa Melayu, Mathematics and Science)
  • You are allowed to purchase a single subject
  • Exercises will be added and revised regularly
  • Diverse exercises to ensure that students master each subject’s knowledge points
  • Complies to the KSSR Semakan syllabus


【SJK(C) Questions Bank】Standard 5 contents:
  • Exercises are created according to the key knowledge point of each topic
  • Two sets of school teachers composed exam papers: Mid-year and Year-end examinations
  • Past year examination papers from multiple Chinese Primary Schools are included


【SJK(C) Questions Bank】 Standard 5 format:

The content of【SJK(C) Questions Bank】is available in 2 formats: E-questions & PDF.

1. E-question
– Log in to the system to answer the questions, it’s convenient and efficient

2. PDF format
– Download and print it out
– The file can be permanently stored after download

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【华小题库】五年级 (免费版)【FREE SJK(C) Questions Bank】 Standard 5
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